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Hurricane Entertainment is the ideal partner for manufacturing high-quality vinyl records. With a passionate team and state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee a faithful reproduction of your recordings' sound.

You have the possibility to customize your vinyl with tailor-made labels, covers, and colors. We maintain superior quality while adhering to reasonable timelines.

Choose Hurricane Entertainment to share your music with your fans in an authentic and timeless way.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


The creation of 7" and 12" vinyl records for artists is the process of manufacturing vinyl records containing their music or audio content for physical distribution to the public.

7" vinyl records are smaller and can contain less music (usually one song per side). 12" vinyl records, on the other hand, are larger and offer more capacity to hold a full album or multiple tracks per side.

Artists choose to create vinyl records for several reasons: the nostalgic appeal, the warm audio quality of vinyl, the possibility to offer physical editions to their fans and collectors, and to stand out in a market dominated by digital distribution.

Uncompressed audio formats like WAV are generally recommended for creating vinyl records as they offer superior sound quality compared to compressed formats like MP3.

Music should be prepared with the constraints of vinyl in mind, including avoiding excessive bass and pronounced highs. A specific mastering step for vinyl is often necessary to optimize the sound quality on this medium.

The maximum duration per side on a vinyl record depends on the playback speed (usually 33 1/3 or 45 RPM) and the diameter of the record (7" or 12"). In general, it is recommended not to exceed 18 to 22 minutes per side for optimal sound quality.

Vinyl records can be customized with printed labels on side A and B, protective sleeves with artwork or photos, custom vinyl colors, and promotional inserts or booklets for special editions.

The main steps in the vinyl record creation process include audio master preparation, groove engraving on lacquer, matrix manufacturing, vinyl injection, pressing, sleeve printing, and final assembly.

The minimum number of vinyl records produced depends on the chosen service provider, but it is generally more cost-effective to order larger quantities. Some services also offer solutions for small runs. Contact us for more information.

The production time for vinyl records can vary depending on the complexity of the order and the chosen service provider. In general, it can take from a few weeks to a few months, so it is important to allow enough time for your project's realization.